The TIB Archive and its Data

The backbone of the present platform is constituted by the analogue data of the TIB Archive at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna (Austria). This archive has been established in the 1960s as part of the Long-Term Project TIB. It comprises in total about 52,000 slides of monuments to be found in the former Byzantine Oecumene (i.e. the Byzantine World), from Syria in the East to Italy in the West and from the Balkans in the North to the Maghreb in the South.
These slides have been made by the active and retired scholars of the TIB in the wake of their surveys in the respective areas of research from 1966 until 2007/2008. Since 2007/2008 we are using exclusively digital photography during our surveys. Thus, a unique collection of slides of monuments and landscapes has been created, which is an integral part of the worldwide Cultural Heritage. In addition, we are preserving a rich collection of black-and-white photographs, which shall also be included in our platform in the near future.
For the time being, three sub-collections of the TIB Archive have been embedded with the respective metadata into CollectiveAccess, namely:

  • "Cilicia and Isauria" (TIB 5; 4.981 slides)
  • "Eastern Thrace (Eurōpē)" (TIB 12; 1,252 slides)
  • "Macedonia, Northern Part" (TIB 16; 939 slides)

Please feel free to browse these 7,172 slides in our digital archive. Our aim is to inspire and to facilitate research on the Byzantine World and its rich Cultural Heritage. Due to the copyright regulations of the Austrian Academy of Sciences we are not in the possibility for the time being to offer an unrestricted download of our digitised slides. Still, they are Open Access, i.e. accessible free of charge, they may be browsed as well as compared, the related metadata may be analysed and be quoted in scholarly works and publications. We do firmly believe that this is a first, important step into the right direction, which we will expand in the near future.
Our next step will be to enrich the embedded collections by integrating the slides of "Hellas and Thessaly" (TIB 1, published 1976) and "Nicopolis and Cephalonia" (TIB 3, published 1981), subject to acquisition of third-party funded projects by Mihailo St. Popović.

TIB Archive

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